Bad Eggs 2

bad-eggs-online-2-square-jpg-234621-jpg_192113This is an online game that anyone can play at the comfort of their house. Bad Eggs 2 is now even better and the player have to move and experience different parts of the world facing the opponents. This multiplayer epic game is full of destructive weapons, terrain and lot of cool stuff to unlock in various stages. Player can choose to register to begin the game or use the practice mode.

The game controls are easy. Use the arrow keys to move the weapon target. The up key is used to prolong the target aim, while the down key is use to bring the focus target closer. The left and right keys are used to move the weapon focus to the left or right respectively. Use space button to trigger or activate the weapon, when pressed, the weapon will either fire or bomb the area focused.




Alternatively, you can use the mouse to click and drag to get the same function as arrow keys. Other multiple functions are manually done by selecting them from the control panel by use of the mouse action, click and drag. As a social game, you can choose to player as a single player or multiple player option.

Move around the city and attack different enemies you encounter. For every stage, you will meet different enemies in different cities. The game becomes tricky and hard for player as they advance. You have the ability to choose and change the weapon any time. Points are added on the control panel for every achievement. There are several badges awarded as you play. The best part of the game is that you are not timed and allowed to take your time to kill the enemy. Once you master the game, you get the chance to unlock various bonuses.

Bad Eggs 2 game was created and developed by two brothers, John Donkin and Rob. The tow are popularly known as Bad Viking through their game developing company Bad Viking Ltd.